PROJECTXYZ is well versed in warehousing, however, we understand that logistics is much more than that. It’s inventory management, technical inspection, return and repair, readiness, and responsiveness. Discover why more customers are leaving their logistics up to us.



Life Cycle Logistics

PROJECTXYZ is well-versed in Full Life Cycle Logistics. Demonstrating this expertise, PROJECTXYZ provides logistics supports to multiple Department of Defense customers. With a versatile range of expertise, our logisticians and technicians support a wide array of materiel, from missile systems to aviation components. Our logistics capabilities include:

• Warehousing / Property Management
• Depot Operations
• Material Fielding
• Inventory Control Systems
• Shelf Life Management
• Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS)
• Technical Inspection
• Provisioning
• Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM)
• Return and Repair
• Parts Analysis, Acquisition, and Integration
• Logistics Modelings
• Level-of-Repair Analysis
• Technical Manual Development


Spare Parts Sustain Systems

PROJECTXYZ understands parts. From sourcing and procurement to packaging and shipping, we know how to ensure systems have the parts they require to sustain performance.

• Vendor Sourcing and Procurement
• Storage
• Marking, Packaging, and Shipping
• Unique Part Number Identification
• Freight Forwarding / Distribution


Expertise Through Exceptional People

Like other capabilities our company possesses, PROJECTXYZ understands the importance of our people to the level of quality support we provide in logistics. Our logistics staff is trained, capable, and ready to support our customers’ needs.

• Degreed Professionals in Logistics and Supply Chain
• Property Management Training and Certifications
• Expertise in STAMIS as well as other systems to include PBUSE, DPAS, and COTS.