Information Technology Support Services

PROJECTXYZ provides our customers with the IT Support Services necessary to optimize their systems, regardless of scale or complexity. From Enterprise IT Support and Managed Services to Virtualization and Infrastructure, our team can provide the right expertise and technology to bring efficiency to your organization. Our IT Support Services includes:

  • Systems Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Help-Desk Support
  • Virtualization
  • HBSS
  • SCCM

Cyber Security & Information Assurance

In the age of cyber warfare, protecting  our information is critical to national security. PROJECTXYZ understands this shift in focus and provides our customers with access to the knowledge and expertise of multiple Cyber Security and Information Assurance disciplines. Our expertise includes:

  • Network Assurance
  • Cyberspace Operations
  • Cyber Exercise Support
  • Computer Network Defense
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assesments

Enterprise Data Transport

PROJECTXYZ has been providing enterprise data transport services to the Federal Government for more than eight years. Supporting communications, data, and energy solutions, our enterprise data transport capabilities include:

  • Accredited Long-Range Wireless Data Transport
  • Acquisition of Accredited Industrial Access Points
  • System Configuration
  • Wireless Spectrum Survey
  • Inside Cable Plant (ICP)
  • Outside Cable Plant (OCP)