Alternative Energy Engineering, Design, Analysis, & Installation

PROJECTXYZ is one of the leading small business energy companies in Huntsville, Alabama and has supported energy projects both domestically and internationally. Our demonstrated capabilities have resulted in tangible solutions that our customers and partners can touch, test, and analyze while capturing results and experiencing the benefits. From engineering to installation and data management, our team is leading our customers and partners to advancements in alternative energy. Our alternative energy capabilities include:

Engineering, Design & Analyses

  • CAD Support
  • Structural Design & Stress Analyses
  • Modeling & Simulation of Solar Arrays
  • Energy Production Forecast Simulation
  • Worldwide Complete System Implementation & Support
  • Support for Various Types of PV Modules & Inverters

Installation Services

  • Professional Site Survey
  • Ground Mount Systems
  • Roof Mount Systems
  • Building Integrated Systems
  • Site Preparation
  • Utility Coordination
  • Licensing & Permitting

Energy Data Management

Facing many organizations when choosing to implement alternate energy is the capture and analysis of data – PROJECTXYZ maintains capabilities in both. Our energy data management capabilities include:

  • Energy Data Transport Systems
  • Data Monitoring & Management
  • Data Analytics

For up-to-date energy production data from PROJECTXYZ's 30K solar site, click the button on the right.