PROJECTXYZ maintains engineering expertise through exceptional personnel and technology investment. Our corporate engineering staff provides our customers with oversight and expertise in a range of engineering capabilities including obsolescence, technology insertion, and test.


PROJECTXYZ provides our customers with unique subject matter expertise in engineering services. Through years of experience and exceptional engineering personnel, our engineering expertise has become a strength of our small business. Our capabilities in engineering support services include:

• Product Modernization & Modification
• Obsolescence Research & Analysis
• Technology Refreshment

• Reverse Engineering
• Prototyping


PROJECTXYZ understands the detail and analysis required to take an engineering design from concept to completion. Our technology lab equips our engineers with modern tools and technologies such as 3D printing and CAD software, allowing them to model, create, and provide proof of concepts. Our engineering design, analysis, and integration capabilities include:

• Modeling & Simulation
• Electrical Subsystem/Component 3D Modeling
• Mechanical Subsystem/Component 3D Modeling
• 3D Printing

• Systems Engineering & Integration
• Test & Evaluation
• Technology Insertion